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Jan 7, 2023
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Hey there,
I am wanting some tips/tricks/advice with gel polish application! I am currently using The Gel Bottle polish’s (have also used others and I get the same result) I find I have great difficulty applying the gel polish smoothly, stream free and I find I get a lumpy bit at the cuticle area (cuticles aren’t being flooded just a lot of extra product in that area) I try and smooth it down but then the polish gets streaky and doesn’t really improve the look.

I have tried a few techniques including starting half way down the nail brushing most product then putting at the cuticle area, pushing towards the cuticle area when first applying and bringing the brush down the nail and also applying it carefully around the cuticle area going around the left side and then the right side. Sometimes these have worked but it seems to be luck of the draw, it’s never 100% the way I want it to be. I’d say I’m not happy with 90% of my gel polish applications. I use builder gel underneath the gel polish, have tried both buffing the builder gel and using base coat on top of builder to see if that helps but not anything super noticeable!

Would be grateful for any hints, tips or tricks you might have to assist with hopefully creating a even, smooth gel polish application 🥰
So I would say make sure you are shaking the bottle well so its all properly mixed.

As you are using builder gel, which can be quite thick, you want to make sure the application of that is also thinner at the cuticle area. You say you are refining the builder gel after, are you using a buffer or a nail file. I like to use a 240 grit file to refine, make sure I bevel down the sides so it's not bulky and bulbous and around the cuticle area so it's nice and flush.

If you're builder gel is still quite thick and bulky, it's not going to help when you then put 2 or 3 more layers of gel polish on top of this.

Also, just a sidenote, it may be worth joining the Nail Tech Awareness Facebook group and looking at the issues that can be caused by using The Gel Bottle builder gels.

Hope this helps x

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