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  1. K

    Needing to move clients to a different day due to a last minute holiday

    Hi everyone, I’m a self employed hairdresser renting a chair within a salon. I potentially have a last minute holiday approaching in the next coming weeks and on one of the days I’ll be away I have a few clients booked. I was just wondering if it would be acceptable to ask them to move to...
  2. AdRocNails


    Selling 2 backwashes and 3 styling chairs. Have had for about 5 months and barely used so in amazing condition! Based in London, Wandsworth Can sell separately, part of a package or a couple together Backwashes selling at £300 each and styling chairs at £100 each. Open to serious offers...
  3. AdRocNails


    Hi all! I have a couple of salon furniture bits to sell so please pass on if you know anyone that may be interested! Based in Wandsworth, London. Need them out ASAP! Selling due to the fact I no longer need them at the salon and everything is pretty much in immaculate condition as I’ve only...
  4. stace

    Salon space available for hair pro’s, Leicestershire

    An exciting opportunity to join a thriving village salon in the heart of Anstey, Leicestershire as a self employed hair professional. Are you a hair professional looking for a new home? Essential hair and beauty are looking for talented individuals to join our team, in a self employed...
  5. E

    Commission pay

    Hi everyone hope all is well and healthy So I have just started work in a barber shop and the owner has told me they work on a 60/40 percentage It’s the first time I’m working on a commission basis My question is; is it the owner who gets the 60% or the worker I’m sure it’s different with every...
  6. forever21

    Beard colour dye brands recommendations

    Hi we have been looking at offering this service at the salon I'm a manager of, but can't find much info. about it and obviously, we want to be fully insured and do the whole thing right. Our insurance company says we are covered as long as the product says it is suitable for beards but all the...