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Esko Trims

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Apr 15, 2021
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Hi everyone hope all is well and healthy
So I have just started work in a barber shop and the owner has told me they work on a 60/40 percentage
It’s the first time I’m working on a commission basis
My question is; is it the owner who gets the 60% or the worker I’m sure it’s different with every individual shop/worker but my thoughts on it are that if the worker is doing majority of the work he should be entitled to the larger sum

please give me your ideas on this and your experiences if any

thank you in advance

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You’re self employed so it’s UP TO YOU to negotiate the best rate for you.
There is no set rule or entitlement but in general, the person who is supplying the majority of the products/advertising/laundry services etc. receives the 60%.

As a self employed worker you need to be confident enough to manage your own business and tough enough to deal with difficult clients and tricky situations.

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