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  1. sazmcgee

    INK flubber

    Hi guys, I’ve heard some good things about the INK flubber base coat for chip & lift prone clients. I wondered if anyone on here has used it & what your thoughts were? I’d be interested to know price & whether or not it’s HEMA free? Also would you charge extra for it on top of your usual gel...
  2. K

    Rubber base questions

    Hey! I lately found out how you use rubber base. I have a few questions though... How do you remove it? Can you soak it off? Can you use it on anyone or just on weak nails? Lastly, I heard that there is such a thing “hard gel” and you use it like you use rubber base except this is for long and...
  3. E

    Polygel, is base coat essential?

    Im wondering is it necessary that you apply a base coat or primer over what acrylic was left before you did the refill with polygel on a client that had acrylics or gel? Thanks