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  1. L

    Complete beginner gel nail training

    Hi All, I’m hoping someone can help me. I am a qualified eyelash technician, currently on maternity leave and looking to use this time to undertake some further training and learn a new skill. I would absolutely love to be able to add nails to my treatment list when I return to work at the...
  2. R

    Help, Bio sculpture Galaxy collection

    Hey, I know this might be a reach... I have used bio sculpture in the past (when I was doing my mani & pedi training the instructor was also a trainer for Bio sculpture). I have not done the bio sculpture training and well to be honest, I am not really planning to do it.. However I would...
  3. A

    Bio Sculpture advice

    Hi, New to Salon Geek, but trained as a nail tec years ago. More recently trained in tanning and MUA. Bought some bio sculpture products to use on myself after trying this at a friend’s salon. (Bought from eBay). My friend who comes for gel overlays wants to try it, but I haven’t done the...
  4. ClaireFallowfield

    Bio Sculpture training Norfolk

    Good evening So after thinking about it, I have decided I want to do the biosculpture evo course, and their website says there is a training centre in Norfolk but doesn't specify where... Any ideas? Also has anyone done the course?? Would love some honest opinions Thanks