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  1. K

    Scalp irritation after bleaching

    Hi, so yesterday I recently got my whole head bleached, and went through a lot of pain, which was made known to my hairdresser. She continued and said that it was normal. I had told her I had seborrheic dermatitis and had an extremely sensitive scalp. By the end of the session my hair was...
  2. S

    Need advice on bleaching hair!

    Okay so a little history on my hair! I’ve always been a blonde, every now and again I would dye my hair light brown just for something different but I always go back to blonde! Usually what I do is I just get box dye like Féria and it usually lifts it enough for me. I dyed my hair from light...
  3. M

    Echos/Echosline lightener, which has better lift?

    Im very new to the brand Does anyone use it? Do you find you get more lift from the blue or violet on quite a dark base?
  4. A

    Peroxide levels and bleach

    Hi All, I am hoping for some help from you guys. As a 50 something year old hairdresser, i can remember using very high peroxides with bleach ,even on a couple of occasions,60vol for red hair Very different now as i tend to use 3% or 6 % only. I am currently doing some research and would like to...