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  1. Ineslassoued2010

    Wella illumina advice

    After coloring roots with 7.81 and 6 illumina with 1.9% pastel color and rest of hair with 9.03 and 10 and 9.7 the hair was fine but after first wash hair turned brassy and orangy what should i do
  2. D

    Help ASAP, purple toning stain in tape-ins

    I don’t know if I am absolutely daft or this is a normal issue… BUT I recently installed remy human hair tape ins to my blonde hair, and unfortunately they were a little too yellow. Whilst being in my hair, my idiot self, toned my hair extensions with purple shampoo (Fudge violet) and now the...
  3. bubbliki

    Fixing gold mids and ends to match platinum roots

    Hi hair people! I have a new client who has bleached at home and has gold banding throughout due to bleaching over previous color. I’d say the mids and ends are 8G, roots are level 9. Would you attack this with back to back foils, leaving out the roots? And then going back and doing the roots...
  4. M

    Green hair please help

    Hello, which toner would you recommend for a 9-10 level hair with a slight greenish tint to cancel it out and neutralize it?
  5. T

    Help with a toner for scalp bleach

    Hi guys, I have an older client who used to just get foil highlights prelightener with 6% through her natural colour which was greyer on top dark at back, she then decided she wanted an all over colour 9.0, did that and a week or two later she wanted it lighter, I put foils through, still too...
  6. E

    Client’s bleach gone wrong & wants to go darker? Advice please!

    So I asked my client to send me a pic of her hair in daylight, this is the best one I think to upload.. she's a natural dirty blonde 7 been dying her hair black for 10 years and attempted to go blonde in lock down. She's got it pretty light, but clearly it's very damaged, needs a cut. I have...