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    Green hair please help

    Hello, which toner would you recommend for a 9-10 level hair with a slight greenish tint to cancel it out and neutralize it?
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    Help with a toner for scalp bleach

    Hi guys, I have an older client who used to just get foil highlights prelightener with 6% through her natural colour which was greyer on top dark at back, she then decided she wanted an all over colour 9.0, did that and a week or two later she wanted it lighter, I put foils through, still too...
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    Client’s bleach gone wrong & wants to go darker? Advice please!

    So I asked my client to send me a pic of her hair in daylight, this is the best one I think to upload.. she's a natural dirty blonde 7 been dying her hair black for 10 years and attempted to go blonde in lock down. She's got it pretty light, but clearly it's very damaged, needs a cut. I have...