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    Challenges managing Customer Calls?

    Hey all. I'm curious about how salons manage customer calls, especially during busy times or off-hours. Do you even still get calls or do most customers book via an online scheduling system? I am striking ideas around an AI phone answering system that can take calls from busy salons. To be...
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    New Appointment Booking Solution - Mobile App

    There should be more user friendly and simple booking tools out there. In fact we've built one. I’m Co-Founder of Reesrv and we’ve been working hard on a tool to help businesses like yours increase new client bookings while offering existing clients more booking options. Reesrv is a mobile...
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    Online booking buffer times

    Hey everyone! So I’ve been umming and ahhing over online booking for a while now. But one thing that always is a hang up for me is buffer times between appointments, especially since COVID. I like to have time between appointments to sort out my room and myself and get things ready for my next...