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    Facial brand

    Hi I’ve just finished Level 2 beauty and am looking in to brands to use to do facials. I’ve heard good things about Eve Taylor but wondered if anyone has any experience of using it with sensitive skin? Are there any other brands anyone can recommend that I should also consider? Thank you
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    Lash lift failure, which brand should I switch to?

    Hi everyone: sorry I was not sure where to post as there doesn’t seem to be a lash thread? I am trained in lash lift and I am not overly confident as never done a lift I loved (need more practice). I’ve been watching videos and trying to learn tips and tricks to get better I started with Salon...
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    Facial skincare brands

    Can anyone recommend a good facial and skincare brand to use. I’m still trying to build up clients so don’t want to have to spend to much. I’m level 3 and Elemis trained but Elemis is out of my budget. any recommendations will be amazing or any advice on building up clients when working from home.
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    Newly qualified nail tech looking for brand reviews!

    Hi all, Very newly qualified nail tech deciding what brands to choose to offer my clients. Currently using 'The Edge' acrylic and 'MyGel' gel polish that I used during training but not a fan. What are the best acrylic companies? For liquid and powders, my tutor got me 'The Manicure Company'...
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    Best professional lash lift

    Hello All! I am new to this forum, but I wanted some advice on professional lash lifting. The salon I work for is getting into lashes and I was asked to research companies and find out which would work best for us. I've been having a little difficulty finding different companies. So I was just...
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    Hair extensions suppliers advice

    Hey! I’m about to do a course this weekend with Oakley Academy in tape, celeb weave and nano ring hair extensions I’ve been recommended some different suppliers for the different methods. I’d like to offer a lower budget range and higher budget range. Can anyone recommend to me? I was...