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    Waxing therapists wanted

    Experienced or new waxers wanted across manchester rochdale sheffield Leeds liverpool Cheshire and surrounding areas. We are a well established chain of waxing studios with plans for rapid expansion over the next couple of years. We are planning to open in a town near you. If you are a 5 star...
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    Hair extensions

    I’m looking for a hair supplier, I fit all methods of hair extension and looking for some new suppliers. I usually use premium hair but find it’s too expensive for most people. I want to be able to offer a more affordable package for clients with a lower price range Any help would be great...
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    Hard/hot wax, help!

    We have recently introduced hard/hot wax to our salon for Brazilian and Hollywood waxes. We have been using Clean and Easy but it snaps repeatedly throughout the treatment no matter how thick I apply it, the consistency is closer to honey wax when melted and I think I’d prefer to use something...