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  1. bre2

    Brow Lamination bleaching brows?

    I've been using Lacquer brow lamination and suddenly have a client whose brows seen to be bleaching out? They don't appear to be over processed-they look very healthy, and she uses the brow balm every night. So far she's the only client to experience this and in not sure why. She's received the...
  2. S

    Brow lamination/lash lift - time between treatments

    I've recently become trained in brow lamination and tinting, and lash lifting and tinting. I was told it was 6-8 weeks between treatments however I don't know how to tell which end of this time frame I should perform a clients next treatment without risking over processing their lashes/brows...
  3. rach_267

    Brow lamination - tint

    Hi everyone, I’ve just trained in brow lamination and have carried out one practice treatment on myself and one on a friend. On my own the tint came out so dark! I left it on my friend for half the time (1.5 mins) and it’s still really dark. Has anyone else found this? I wonder it’s because of...
  4. L

    Brow lamination, tint and shape

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently qualified a brow lamination course and wondered when offering this service combined with a tint and shape/wax, what order is best to do the treatment in? Does anyone have any advice or tips on this? Thanks in advance
  5. thelunaroom

    Brow lamination brands?

    I’m new to brow lamination and would love to know your fave brands? I use Lashus lashlift and this can’t be used for lamination. Thanks!
  6. J

    HD brow training?

    Hey if someone could help me! I’m wanting to book on to a HD brow course initially I was going to train with HD brows them self but I’ve come across a highly defined brow course through the beauty academy ( I will attach a photo) I’m just wondering if anyone had trained with this academy or...
  7. S

    Brow lamination gone wrong

    Good Morning, Does anyone have any advice how to remove eyebrow perm (BROW LAMINATION) ? They haven't worked well and a client is looking for advice on how to remove the solution so they go back to how they were originally? they look frazzled and that the solution was maybe too harsh. Many thanks
  8. freya1234567

    Brow lamination over microblading

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can do Brow Lamination over previously microbladed brows? They were done in April so I’m presuming it would be ok, but I can’t see anything about it either way, so if someone knows that would be great. Many thanks