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  1. C

    Certificate approval for The Gel Bottle

    Hi everyone, I’ve just gone through the process of putting together a package of colours etc on The Gel Bottle website when just before I’m about to pay they ask me to upload my certificates. I uploaded my Level 2 certificate because as part of my course we learnt gel nails and can’t find my...
  2. R

    Training academy qualification

    Hey guys, I have completed a nail technician course through a training academy but I'm not sure what level it is as only says "for archiving a high standard in uv gel nails, silk/fibreglass, gel polish, acrylic, Hollywood toes, Crystal toes, French manicure, manicure and pedicure". I'd like to...
  3. S

    Massage courses - Europe

    Hi! My wife and I have a holiday let business in northern Spain and we would like to offer massages to our guests. We both have no experience in this so we are looking for your advice to find the right course to get us started :) To practice massage in Spain and get insurance, is it mandatory...
  4. House Beauty

    Share your certificate wall

    Hi Geeks, I’ve just got my certificates for my latest courses and want to display them. There are so many I’ve not bothered before as the shorter course ones looked like a massive advert for the training academy (huge bold writing taking up whole page with their name), so now I have some less...