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  1. C

    Swollen eye from lash extensions

    Hi guys, looking for some advise really! My client has been to me a couple of times, had her infills appointment week before last and is due to come again next week. She has never had a problem with her lashes before, I always skin test etc. She has just sent me a photo and she has woke. up...
  2. C

    Client says gel polish has all come off in 2 days

    Hi I did gel polish for a client who suffers with dry skin as her hands are in water a lot with work (she hasn’t worked since I did her nails though). She asked me for some hand cream when I had finished which I gave her without thinking much of it but she has now contacted me to say it has come...
  3. Electric Beach Tanning

    Spray tan problem

    I am a certified spray tan tech but I don’t have a ton of experience under my belt. I have done about 20 so far. I haven’t had any complaints at all until the one I did last night. It’s a teenaged girl who now says it has some messed up spots. She’s coming back in today but I’m not totally sure...