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  1. stace

    Keeping COVID clean

    Just wondering what everyone’s doing to keep their salons COVID safe. IE in between clients, what are you doing using? How are you keeping equipment clean and safe? 🥰
  2. B

    Cleaning advice during Covid-19, who’s responsible?

    Hi, I am self employed and rent a room at a salon in the UK. I recently found out that the salon owner is having a clean done of the salon prior to opening. My room or the other private rooms rented out (still part of the salon) has never been professionally cleaned like the rest of the...
  3. maccymoo

    COVID 19 for self employed

    Hi Guys, I’m wondering if anyone has found any information pertaining to the self employed that don’t have ratable value premises... for example mobile therapists, those like me that rent rooms... hairdressers renting chairs... I don’t think we qualify for the government grant, I think all we...