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    Covid vaccine and clients

    Hi wondering if anyone can help me I have my own salon and I’ve been hearing that if you have had a COVID vaccine you can’t get a colour done till 2 weeks after even if you have skin tested I have a lot of clients getting there’s done in the next few weeks and booked into have there hair...
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    Independent salon & Covid

    I am in Pennsylvania and have a salon studio. I went independent almost 3 yrs ago. Im wondering if any other indy stylist are having a slow month & how are you handling this covid mess in business?
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    Newly qualified during Covid-19 outbreak

    Please help! Massively disappointed! I went back to college after many years to re-train. Was 2/3 of the way through level 2 when Covid19 hit us! I got an email this week telling me that i / we would be awarded a pass by predicted grade and coursework/practicals already carried out but not by...