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  1. L

    Perfect ash toner

    Hey everyone, I’m lifting my clients hair and she wants to be ash, white almost. I haven’t tried dia light but I was thinking to use dia light 9.01 or 9.11 after bleaching .Can anyone recommend if they have used either. She wants to achieve something like this picture. Would really appreciate...
  2. J

    Dia Light formulating help!

    Hello! I am trying to formulate for a strawberry blonde using dia light! could someone help me with this?! I only have dia light not dia richesse! Hair is pre lightened! Picture included for what I am aiming for!
  3. S

    Blonde to brown help

    Hi all, I would like some advice please on what to use to prepig my own hair and what colour you think would get me to the dark hair pictures shown. I prefer dark ash browns and do not want a warm brown. My hair has been bleached with 30 vol in highlights and I usually use a 9.12 Dialight to...