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  1. salonfrog

    Exceptions to no discount rule

    Thought this was an interesting quick video from Trent Munday on the Top 4 Exceptions To The No Discount Rule:
  2. Cesar

    My webinar on prices and discounts

    Hi everyone - I'll be running a free, live webinar June 27th, at 7:00pm UK time on how to effectively price your work, as well as how and when to discount at the salon :) Feel free to book your spot - the more the merrier!
  3. H

    Are discount sites like Treatwell ruining our business?

    I just wanted to get an idea of what others thought about discount sites such as Treatwell/ Groupon. Treatwell has recently put up their commission to 35%. Therefore, the time someone has a last minute discount plus that commission and post VAT we are getting barely anything for our services...