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  1. K

    Gloss treatment for natural hair gone wrong

    I had a gloss treatment put onto my hair by someone I thought I trusted. It was on way longer than it should have been and they made no effort to make me wash it out so it was on for 2h before I bothered. I didn’t know what it actually was. I wish I had read up on the stuff as I wouldn’t...
  2. S

    Hard skin around nails

    Hi all, When I was younger I wanted my nails to grow, so to stop biting them I decided to bite the skin around them instead. Stupid move. Anyway, due to repetitive nibbling I now have hard lumps of skin around my nail that I just want gone! :( Anyone have anything to help? Thanks guys :) x
  3. S

    Spray tan disaster!

    Hi, I had a spray tan today and a few weeks ago I burnt my legs mildly. They’re still peeling and one on of my legs I have a patch which is completely white due to the peeling skin!! Is there any way I can fix this? I don’t own the tan or a touch up pen so not sure if I would be able to fill it...