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Apr 11, 2021
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I had a gloss treatment put onto my hair by someone I thought I trusted.

It was on way longer than it should have been and they made no effort to make me wash it out so it was on for 2h before I bothered.

I didn’t know what it actually was.

I wish I had read up on the stuff as I wouldn’t have agreed to this person’s suggestion now I know what it is...

I want to make a claim as it has damaged my hair.

It’s all static, straw like and rough.

My skin is also very irritated and red around my face, ears and neck.

I never had a patch test done and didn’t know it was needed until I read up about it afterwards.

The wording ‘glossy conditioner’ was used so I thought it was just a mask thing and did ask when they were applying it to my scalp as I was like- surely it’s the ends that’s needing it the most but they said no and kept going.

I’ve never dyed my hair and never want to yet here I am spending hours figuring out how to replenish my hair and sensitive skin now to make it feel better.

Also turns out I’m the guinea pig for this as that person had never done it before.

They are also claiming its not a dye because they used the crystal clear version with no pigment.

It was Redken EQ Gloss and activator solution- I didn’t see the bottles until afterwards and if I had seen that they had to be mixed then I would have known what it was right away and said no thanks.

Please help.

What do I put in my hair to help it now and what could I put on my itchy skin

I’m allergic to Aloe Vera so can’t use that.
What do I say/ do with this person also?!

I feel it was very careless of this person to have acted this way.

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