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  1. A

    Which e-file should I get, Kupa or KiaraSky?

    Hey, guy need some advice am a professional nail tech debate on which e file to get I have the kupa passport but had to sell it during covid. Now am between the kupa and the kiarasky efile I did like my kupa but I wanted the display on the kiara and the design look more to my preference. Just...
  2. Kyralouise

    E-file prices

    Hi guys, I’m a relatively new nail tech, (gel only, no acrylic) and only really use my e-file for cuticle work as I find hand filing is All I need for the main prep. I bought my e-file from amazon for no more than £25 and honestly I haven’t found an issue with it, there’s very little vibration...
  3. B

    E-file recommendations please?

    I have recently opened a salon in my home and at the moment am offering gel nails, builder gels and gel extensions. I am confident with hand filing but think its time to look into training and an e-file to save me some time. Can anybody recommend me an beginner e-file please? - it will mostly be...
  4. jen1989cuttie

    Drill and drill bits, please help!

    last year i bought a mani pro from the US and i have recently snapped off my drill bit in the handle. I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before and where did they get a new handpiece. I've been looking on the internet and i came across 'salon services' and they sell the hand piece...