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  1. JadaDaisy

    Not tanning on sunbeds, exfoliating/moisturising?

    I’m very pale, in the past I’ve only ever been on the sunbeds once and that was enough for me to tan (but it was after I’d been to Turkey for a week so I guess by then my skin had gotten used to it, even though I came back pale still). However, I now have no base tan, I’ve been on the beds about...
  2. C

    Full body/back exfoliation with massage qualification?

    So i'm not to sure on this one, I have tried to google it but nothing is coming up. as I am all new to all of this and just would like to know if i can offer a body exfoliation massage? thank you
  3. Z

    Microdermabrasion heads

    Hiya, I'm finding after the first 2 uses of my MDA heads they go quite smooth and dull - is there a proper way of cleaning them? Or should I buff them to keep them rough? Thanks in advance Zoe