Not tanning on sunbeds, exfoliating/moisturising?


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Jun 10, 2021
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Manchester, UK
I’m very pale, in the past I’ve only ever been on the sunbeds once and that was enough for me to tan (but it was after I’d been to Turkey for a week so I guess by then my skin had gotten used to it, even though I came back pale still). However, I now have no base tan, I’ve been on the beds about 6 times now (leaving 2/3 days between each session), I started at 6 minutes and went to 9. But I am neither tanning nor burning. I’m just remaining the exact same, but I haven’t differed in colour at all! I decided to have a google after today’s 9 minute session and I realised I haven’t been exfoliating. Could this be the reason? If so, how often should I be exfoliating? Do I exfoliate, go for a session the next day and then not exfoliate until the night before my next session? Do I need to exfoliate after sessions too? Any other possible reasons that I’m now not tanning also would help! And just general advice on prepping for sessions/session aftercare. Or is this completely normal with it only being around my 6th/7th time on the bed, and hopefully I’ll get that base tan if I just keep going as I am? Thank you! :)

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