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    Advice facial specialist

    Hello, I am a beautician of 13 years and am looking to specialise in facials. I already offer a range of facials however are there any companies out there or courses anyone would recommend to boost treatment variation. Any help would be greatly received.
  2. R

    New member

    Hi all! My name is Rebecca, a registered nurse from London. I am looking to start my beauty business sometime next month. I am level 2 trained in facials at the moment but looking to advance as time goes on! :)
  3. H

    Monat skincare

    Hi All, Has anyone got feedback, opinion or experience with the new Monat skincare range? I’m interested in using it within my beauty facials and possibly retailing it. I’ve tried a few samples and they look and feel lovely. It apparently sold out in a few days and is a brand new range. it...
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    Manicure & facial, which to do first?

    Hi, A client just booked in for a facial and a manicure, but I don’t know which one I should do first. What would you do first? Thanks in advance!