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  1. abbymayy

    Best lint-free wipes?

    Hi all, Having tried a few brands now, I'm still struggling to find truly lint-free wipes. I've tried some cheap brands from Amazon and most recently, the Hands Down ones from Salon Services - seemed pretty good to start with but I've noticed tiny bits of lint still appearing now and then! Any...
  2. D

    Newly qualified nail tech looking for brand reviews!

    Hi all, Very newly qualified nail tech deciding what brands to choose to offer my clients. Currently using 'The Edge' acrylic and 'MyGel' gel polish that I used during training but not a fan. What are the best acrylic companies? For liquid and powders, my tutor got me 'The Manicure Company'...
  3. ClaireFallowfield

    Prices for newly qualified gel polish technician

    Good morning, I am doing my manicure and gel manicure courses in October, and I was wondering on how much to charge? I am going to be using Ink London products, but I have no idea on what to charge. I don't want to be over charging, but I also don't want to be selling myself short. I know...
  4. M

    Anti fungal treatment before applying Polygel?

    I've watched so many videos about applying poly gel to nails. But none of them applied anti fungal to nails before applying bond coat and base coat. Is it because it's not needed with poly gel? But technicians working in Tehran, Iran do! Is it also because poly gels in America don't need anti...
  5. ClaireFallowfield

    Manicure and gel polish course

    Hi guys, I have booked myself onto a manicure course and then a gel polish course, for the beginning of October. I'm so excited as wanted to do this for years. I was wondering what you guys bought for your mobile businesses? As want to slowly build up a client base. I know I'm going to need the...
  6. Pearlmoonnails

    Halo top coat lid broken?

    Hi, I have started using halo top and base coat for my services and I can't nock the products they last really well. My issue is I am not a very busy tech as I have only been open around 2 months and only have 2/3 regular clients at the moment and I have noticed that my halo no wipe top coat lid...
  7. T


    So, I work at a beauty salon and my boss keeps passively saying I should be quicker at my services... It normally takes me 2 hours for a full set, and 45 mins for both a gel Mani basic pedi... She wants me to get my times down to 45 mins for a full set and 25 mins for gel Mani basic pedi... I...
  8. E

    Starting gel nails and acrylic

    Hi, Im just starting out in Acrylic Nails and Gel Manicures got my course very soon. Struggling to decide which Acrylic system to go for NSI, CJP or Glitterbels. Does anybody use these or recommend any of these for beginners? Also any good Gel Polishes? Thankyou x