1. jen1989cuttie

    Which is your favourite 'gel polish' brand?

    i have been using gel2 for almost 3-4 years now, I'm looking to change brands because i have found gel2 are always out of stock on the colours/top coats i need. I am in-love with all the colours gel2 offer but i'm now thinking to change brands. please can you tell me your favourite brands...
  2. N

    Considering Gel X

    Hi all, I am thinking about ordering the Gel X starter kit from Apres Nail. I am currently using IBD hard gel for my gel extensions but have started to suffer from a painful achy thumb at the end of each working day (the file off/ infill process does not help). I have seen a lot of tuturials...
  3. Chrissie0444

    Nail technician

    Hello everyone, I’m looking at doing gel manicures and was wondering do I need actually qualifications or do you just go to a one/two day course and learn and pay? Wasn’t quite sure as I have been looking everywhere and everywhere seems to have 0 qualifications you just pay day £150-200 to...
  4. sazmcgee

    Using CND Brisa Bond under Shellac?

    I’m having issues at the moment with clients with either oily nails or dry brittle nails having their shellac chip and lift within 7-10 days. I thought I’d found the solution with Brisa Lite only to discover it had been discontinued But would the Brisa liquid bond by CND applied under the...
  5. J

    Canni nail gels

    First of all I am new to this site and so apologise if I have not put this onto the right blog. I currently work in a salon and from next month will be renting a room and working for myself, this will be the first time I have ever done anything like this. First of all does anyone have any major...
  6. Princessintraining

    Help, what’s my qualification?

    hello lovlies! so I have completed the following course Now i would like to be able to offer gel polish, nail art of all types, extensions (so i have booked onto a free form sculpting diploma) and hard gel...
  7. RebeccaJayneNails

    Gel/acrylic in fills - how much to charge?

    I’ve recently set up as a mobile nail tech, I’ve got pretty much all my price list sorted except for infills. Just wondering how much you guys charge for gel/acrylic infills so I can get an idea of a right/fair price for my clients! Thanks