giving up


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  1. N

    Business advice needed

    I’ve been doing hairdressing for almost 4 years. I’ve recently felt as though I’ve fallen out of love with it. Especially during lockdown I’ve just dreaded going back to work. im currently employed and I’m really struggling to build my client base I’ve probably only got around 7 clients.My boss...
  2. B

    Gel nails popping off, ready to give up and quit

    Hi everyone, I'm a nail tech in BC, Canada, who had graduated in December and is now working in a wonderful salon since March. When I was in school, I had the occasional nail fall off but nothing crazy. However, ever since I started at this salon, almost all of my gel sets have been falling...
  3. JustStef2016

    Nothing is working

    Hello this isn’t a negative post just looking for support if that’s okay please . I started my training as a Mua & beauty level 2 therapist in 2015 finished 2016. During the time I of course practiced a lot and after the course . I fell ill in pregnancy 2016 it was difficult for me to do clients...