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  1. C

    Highlights and grey hair Wella

    I have a new client- she has a lot of grey hair and doesn’t want to embrace it yet! I’ll add pics of her hair and the sort of thing she’s aiming for. She hates the grey and wants that covered! I’m thinking of doing a full head of highlights, and a colour inbetween and then a root smudge toner...
  2. Z

    Wella colour went slightly too warm, how to fix it?

    I sent some colour to my mum so she could dye her hair during "lockdown" and it went very warm, she used well half 88/0 half 99/0 with 6% she has resistant grey hair that's why I used double base.the result was about an 8/04 not the outcome we didn't want, Im not sure what to put on to take...
  3. S

    Help with uneven silver hair

    So I have bleached my hair twice and toned it twice then applied La Riché Directions silver colour with tint brush and it's all uneven what should I do. I attached photos of my hair.
  4. DotRawR

    Colour help

    My client sent me the pic below any help in achieving this colour? She currently has an inch of regrowth about 7, an ashy gold band and then her ends are roughly similar to the pic. Her hair is just below her shoulders and in fairly good condition.
  5. M

    Going gray

    How would you tackle taking this client gray to match her roots? She wants to grow out her gray so she doesn’t have to keep covering it up. I haven’t done this before as I normally just do cuts. The color line I use is Kenra and also some Wella. Her hair is a level 7/8. I was thinking I...
  6. H

    Platinum from lilac grey

    Hiya First time posting. My client would like to go back to platinum after being silver/lilac grey for a while. I currently do a scalp bleach with blondor then tone with Igora Absolutes silver and grey lilac. Over time that has really grabbed on the mid lengths and ends plus she used silver...
  7. J

    L’Oreal blondes to cover grey

    Hi guys. I had a client today who is 100 per cent white hair and then on the crown area was salt and pepper look. She wanted highlights with a blonde not to golden and a ash darker blonde so I did loreal majeral 10 with 20vol and 8 with 8.12 20vol and a few bleach 10vol. It looked great...
  8. S

    Silver hair help?

    I’ve been struggling to keep a nice silver on my clients hair! I do scalp application bleach with 20vol, her hair throws off so much warmth! Process for full 50 mins and is bright yellow.. I’ve then been tonight with kenra Sv and then using Schwarzkopf silver, which comes out nice but has been...