hair bleach


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  1. K

    " Expensive Blonde" hair colour

    Hi everyone, I took a step back from hairdressing a few years ago due to going into a different career. However, I still do my sister and a few friends hair from time to time. My colour knowledge isn't the strongest and my friend has been having full head bleach highlights for the last few...
  2. Kristalinx

    Is there a semi permanent fix for this?

    Hi All, I've made a mess of my own hair and I'm just after a bit of reassurance that it's at least salvageable without any more damage. I'm a qualified hairdresser but it's been about 8 years since I worked professionally, I mostly just do my own hair and the odd family member now. It...
  3. P

    Need help toning specific colour on 8/9 bleached hair

    So my hair is between level 8/9 and I’ve been through so many toners to get it to go the colour of the lady’s hair I attached and it just won’t work I’ve spent so much money I don’t know if I need to lighten to a different tone or if I should permanent hair colour next? Next I’m gonna try color...