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    Wella T18 question…

    Hey guys! So, my mom lightened her own hair and toned it with wella T18. Well, it’s too ashy for her taste. It’s silvery and ashy. I’m not the best with toners and am a little lost to be honest. Does she need to re-tone it? I recommended she use 10 volume developer but I’m not sure what wella...
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    Need help toning specific colour on 8/9 bleached hair

    So my hair is between level 8/9 and I’ve been through so many toners to get it to go the colour of the lady’s hair I attached and it just won’t work I’ve spent so much money I don’t know if I need to lighten to a different tone or if I should permanent hair colour next? Next I’m gonna try color...
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    Will hair toner dye the wet room floor?

    I use specific toners such as touch of silver and other shampoos that are purple, Will it dyes the floor? i don't want purple stuff on the shower floor because we had just done. I know it goes on towels and fabrics such as clothes. Here's the pictures of the type of flooring I have.
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    Help needed with blonde

    hi guys Looking for some advice client has done an at home bleach on roots over regrowth so virgin hair, she has very white ends so has ended up with a yellow/orange band. Natural hair level 6 Anyway so she wants to stay light as poss I was thinking (I use wella) the 12/16 to lighten the...
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    Which toner and developer to use?

    I’m not a hairdresser I’m a beauty therapist. I had my hair highlighted in April and now it’s a little dull and yellow/brassy...I want a Ash or pearl kind of toner but have no idea on what brand or developer to go and get? And do you apply to shampooed hairbrush then rinse and condition?