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  1. M

    Help needed Sally’s colour recommendations

    Hi I hope this is the right place to post I’m new here. I have attached a photo of my hair. I can’t afford a salon right now but my hair badly needs doing. I’ve experimented with my hair loads but needing advice on which semi permanent colour from Sally’s to put on my hair for the balayage...
  2. K

    Colouring over a few red highlights?

    Hi guys, so I had a client today who wanted to try something new.. she's 90% grey and wanted some red highlights on top (literally a scattered few) she now has decided she doesn't like it with the grey and wants to go for an all over blonde. So like an 8 level. I used 77/46 for her highlights...
  3. A

    What’s a pure tone (in Aveda hair color), what’s it's purpose and how’s it used?

    I am starting at an Aveda Salon tomorrow, and it has been 6 months since I've worked with Aveda hair color. I'm pretty sure I know which pure tones correspond to each level, I've just forgotten the purpose and the meaning of pure tones. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks in advance...