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    Hair Extension Tutor - North London

    Hairdressing Tutor Role - North London Job description About us We are the UK's most prestigious hair extension course provider. Since 2010, we have been providing comprehensive hair extension training, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of knowledge and expertise in this field. Our...
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    Hair extension tools

    Hi all, hope you are well. I have sone hair extension tools and hair for training I am looking to sell. I have Nano/micro loop tools - various colours Sectioning clips black Butterfly clips black Pliers Training scissors human hair in colour #4 Nano hair 20g bags Micro hair 20g bags Tape hair...
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    Hair extension courses!

    Hi everyone xx I’m hoping someone can help me! I want to do a hair extension course and I’ve been trying to research the best one. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews about most courses (and lots of fake positive reviews it seems) so it can get really confusing! I’ve chosen Maxwell Malia...
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    Hair extension training

    Hi all I’m new to the forum so hopefully I’ve posted in the right section.. I’m looking into doing extensions; bonds, Nano rings and tapes.. Can anyone recommend a good hair extension training academy ? From experience I’m swamped there’s soo many on google I don’t know which one is best...