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  1. Jencam

    Wella help please?

    Hi ...I'm hoping someone can help with my rollercoaster of a mess hair colour. I qualified as a hairdresser in 1990 but only worked a couple of years, therefore little experience. Three yrs ago I went through breast cancer ( mastectomy, chemo, radio, hormone treatment & forced menopause) &...
  2. C


  3. K

    Highlight tint on virgin roots when mids/ends are bleached

    Can I ask some advice please . When somebody has a regrowth and bleach highlights on mids/ends and decides this time they want high lift tint what would I do please ? Because of the regrowth you would use the 12% with the highlift tint but if I went over the bleached part with the 12% that’s not...
  4. K

    Low lights on bleached hair

    Hey. So I am currently doing my level 3 in hair dressing and we haven’t got to this part in college yet but wondered if somebody could help me please. We use Igora royal in college. I have seen on youtube hairdressers adding low lights to bleached hair to add dimension and yet they do not pre...