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    IBD, halo or magpie? I need to invest in a new brand

    Hello. I have been using a cheap nail brand to start out and I’m ready to invest. It’s mind boggling the options. I would obviously like to get the most for my money. I have a sun UV lamp which I would like to keep ideally so something that is compatible with that (magpie want me to use the...
  2. R

    IBD Just gel colours transparent?

    So I have used a few different IBD colour gel before but just got a bunch more but I have noticed that pretty much every colour I have needs minimum 3 coats of colour. Every other brand I use I only need 2 coats. Anyone else found this???
  3. K

    IBD Just Gel polish lifting issues!

    So I’ve recently qualified to do gel nail applications, and started off my mobile business. My first few clients while getting started have obviously been friends but I’m concerned to note that out of the 6 people I’ve done 4 have had lifting on the corners of their nails. I’ve followed the prep...
  4. A

    IBD hard gel advice?

    Could someone please tell me their steps for applying IBD hard gel as an overlay with a gel polish color on top? Trying to work out some kinks in my method. Thank you very much
  5. N

    Which IBD bonder or primer should I be using?

    I am currently using IBD LED/UV Builder gel (Hard Gel) for my gel extension sets, I have an LED/UV lamp. I am also currently using IBD Powerbond directly before applying the builder gel. I buff the nail and use a dehydrator immediately before applying the Powerbond. I am still experiencing...