IBD, halo or magpie? I need to invest in a new brand


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Aug 16, 2022
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Hello. I have been using a cheap nail brand to start out and I’m ready to invest. It’s mind boggling the options. I would obviously like to get the most for my money. I have a sun UV lamp which I would like to keep ideally so something that is compatible with that (magpie want me to use the magpie lamp?!) I think I have whittled it down to either IBD, halo or magpie?! But I’m open to suggestions
I can charge £25 tops for a gel manicure where I live.
Which brand would you use? It needs to last well and I don’t do much nail art ect my clients just want simple long lasting nails.
Tia x
Hi, whichever brand you chose you need to be using the supplier recommended lamp, there is no such thing as a universal lamp. Please see the Pinned Post at the top of the nails forum for information about lamps.

IBD and Magpie are both great products. Also CJP and CND Shellac. Magpie, CHP and CND all have excellent training packages, not sure about IBD, I've never used them.
Thank you. I’ll look at the pinned post for lamps now. I couldn’t see the IBD lamp for sale so I’ll have a bit more of a look x
Thank you so much that’s so amazingly helpful I really appreciate it x

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