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    CND over IBD hard gel

    Hey! Was just wondering if there is any other way to get a perfect finish on the gel before shellac application. I cure my apex layer and then file to correct neat shape but I sometimes when I add the shellac on top it doesn’t go over the groves as it does with a normal nail. Which is of...
  2. N

    IBD soak off builder gel

    Hi, I’m currently using IBD hard gel on my clients for gel extensions. I have noticed that I am beginning to get a painful and achy thumb at the end of each working day. Because of the long file off process when using this product, I am thinking of changing to IBD soak of builder gel. Has...
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    Which IBD bonder or primer should I be using?

    I am currently using IBD LED/UV Builder gel (Hard Gel) for my gel extension sets, I have an LED/UV lamp. I am also currently using IBD Powerbond directly before applying the builder gel. I buff the nail and use a dehydrator immediately before applying the Powerbond. I am still experiencing...
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    Using different brand builder gels for infills

    Hi all, I have been using Cuccio cool cure self levelling gel for my gel extensions for quite some time now but recently have started using IBD builder gel which i find so much easier to use. When it comes to my client's infill appointments, can I use the IBD gel over the top of the Cuccio...