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    Newbie with oh so many Qs

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of finally taking the plunge into the wide world of all things beauty. I always wanted to go down a beauty route and instead did the university route because it suited some of my goals at the time a lot better and now after spending probably 10 years always revisiting...
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    Glitterbels reviews?

    hi, has anyone tried glitterbels? is it a professional good brand? ive looked at ink London and kiara sky too, but unsure which system to use? ill be doing acrylic, gel polish and gel extensions
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    Ink London or

    Hi everyone! I’ve posted in here a few times recently looking for advice on nail brands. I think I’ve narrowed it down to 2 - Ink London or currently I’m using CND, not finding the longevity isn’t there anymore. I’m looking for something that is straightforward to use, easy to remove...