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Apr 11, 2022
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Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of finally taking the plunge into the wide world of all things beauty.
I always wanted to go down a beauty route and instead did the university route because it suited some of my goals at the time a lot better and now after spending probably 10 years always revisiting the idea of training I've pretty much decided to finally grow a pair and go for it!!

Initially I want to start out as a nail tech as that's my biggest love.

I've looked into the different routes but would be really keen to hear other peoples experiences on what qualifications they did.

Is it better to do a generic but accredited course OR go directly through the nail company?
From my research I'm thinking I'll be working with INK London products as they seem to be better viewed from nail techs on here and also they have a large variety of products so I can diversify my offerings.

I do gel nails on myself at the moment (although I'll admit I do purchase amazon available products) so do have some understanding of the processes but I also really want to train up in BIAB.

Do those with experience have any top tips or recommendations on which route/courses are the best for beginners who are just starting out.

Thanks x
I have this exact question too! Sorry that nobody answered but would you mind sharing what route you decided in the end? xx
Hi! Looks like you haven't had many replies! I can tell you what not to do and that's an online course! I trained with Stonebridge College online years ago and although the theory was detailed, it gave me no practical help! I'd find a course that offers an NVQ qualification first and then go onto a company's course to learn how to use their products. But that's just what Iwish I'd done!
I had a huge change of career in to beauty as, like you, it's what I always really wanted to do. I did a few cheap day courses first to make sure it was right for me, then did Level 2 Beauty and Level 3 nail tech (both VTCT). Once I decided on the brand of gel I wanted to use, I then did that conversion course, I use Lecente and can't praise their education enough. I have learned more with them than I did at college. They have just launched courses for complete beginners which would be suitable for you and all their courses are fully HABIA endorsed. However, if you weren't going to use them, it might make more sense do a generic VTCT or equivalent, then do a conversation course with your chosen brand.
It sounds like you have done lots of research in to quality brands which is an excellent start. I haven't tried INK products myself but they are a good, reputable brand with their own lamp, developed to match their system. You need to be aware of where a product is made, not just where it's bottled, and ensure the company has developed their lamp and gels. The only way that you can ensure a full cure for your clients is if the company have developed their complete system and fully tested it. Also, each brand has their own facebook groups for people who use their brand. It might be worth joining some to make sure the brand is a good fit for you, or follow some of their educators on Instagram.
I hope all that makes sense. Good luck x

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