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  1. sarahrose1994

    Advice for expanding your business

    Hey all. I'm looking to expand and get a second salon for my business. It is all a bit daunting if I'm honest but this is pushing me to do it even more. What are your top tips and advice that you can offer? Thank you
  2. R

    Practice model

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is the correct place to post this so delete if not allowed. I've been a male intimate wax practice model for around 12 years, but now with most training centers not able to take groups I'm wondering if you might know someone that needs someone to practice on? I'm...
  3. K

    Waxing schedule stress

    Hi everyone, I used to regularly wax myself (Brazilian, legs, armpits) every 4 weeks, but I noticed I could never get in to a good hair growth pattern, particularly with the Brazillian. I would notice sufficient hair growth at the correct length to wax, yet there were patches that would be...
  4. E

    Waxing business vs laser business - help!

    Hi, I’m currently trying to weigh up different options for going self-employed in the future and need some advise! I’m currently experienced in waxing (facial, body, intimate etc) however don’t have any official qualifications (I was trained through the company I work for). I think to get...
  5. T

    Cirepil Cashmere wax

    Hi, I've been using euroblonde wax for years and have always bought them straight away so I usually don't bother even looking at other waxes. I noticed the cashmere wax on the ellisons site and this looked good! I wondered if anyone had used this wax and how it compared to euroblonde for...