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  1. hjabg123

    Beige blonde advice please!

    Hello all, Was hoping someone could provide me with some advice with regards to warmer tones as I usually work with cool tones. My partner's hair (I am a qualified stylist) is currently pre-lightened to a 10 pale yellow and is looking to be a dimensional blonde level 8/9 - something close to...
  2. C

    Wella colour questions

    Hi Guys! i've just switched from Loreal to Wella and one of my favourite things to do with Loreal colour was low light even when i was doing a full head of highlights, and my lowlights would actually stop processing and wouldnt go deeper than they were supposed to. Now i'm just wondering if i'd...
  3. DotRawR

    Koleston help

    The difference between 22/0 and 2/0? I went to salon services earlier, only had 2/0 :rolleyes:
  4. AJonesMobile

    Continuity for new clients highlights/toner/highlift

    Hi Guys bit of a long one but bear with it! haha xx Sooo.. I have a new client coming to me this weekend who is looking for a change in hairdressers, when she approached me for a full head of highlights she said she normally has bleach and a highlift tint (ash or natural) - this was what her...