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  1. S

    Lash tech looking for space to rent in Glasgow

    Hi there Looking for a beuty room to rent in a reputable salon or similar in or around Glasgow. I am starting off my lash journey. Yippee Thanks guys Supremelashesuk
  2. C

    Beauty bed for eyelash extensions

    Hi all, I have recently set up a home salon for eyelash extensions as I recently completed the qualification and after some practice will be looking for clients. I was wondering if after every client you change the throws/blankets/covers on your beauty bed for the next client? As I am not...
  3. HelenKnight

    Lash bed advice?

    I’m looking at doing a lift and tint course in February. I already work from home doing nails, so wondered what the best lash beds are? I don’t want to spend a fortune and it needs to be easily folded away after use. Thank you