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  1. L

    Alternative to lash lift and tint nourishing oil and cleanser

    So I just switched lash lift and tint kits unfortunately the nourishing oil and cleanser bottles don’t close fully so after one use it all fell out are there any other alternatives I can use for a nourishing oil or cleanser or do I just need to buy a whole new kit
  2. Pipi

    Do you think this size is good for these lashes?

    Hi all I hope I can get some help here. :) So I was practicing the gluing process and choosing the right size silicone rod for lash lifting and I'm wondering if this size would turn out nicely if I would put a solutions on them? This is size Medium but I'm worried it would look too curly maybe...
  3. S

    Lash lift brands

    Which lash lift brands does eveyone use. Currently using salon system and looking at Hive Lash Lift. Any reviews?
  4. R

    Lash lifting switching brands?

    Hello I am fully trained with I-lift lashes a brand of lash lifting I have recently tried lash bomb by Beautiful brows and lashes and i love it. my question is.. Do I have to re train with them or can I use my current lash lift qualification to perform these treatments fully insured Thank you
  5. sarahrose1994

    Lash lift too curled, what do I do?

    I recently did my client her lash lift they looked really good. She messaged me to say that her lashes are to tight and are touching her lid this hasn't happened before... Iv read that i can relax the lashes but how do i do this i dont recall my lash trainer going over this. She had her...