Lash lift too curled, what do I do?

I recently did my client her lash lift they looked really good. She messaged me to say that her lashes are to tight and are touching her lid this hasn't happened before...
Iv read that i can relax the lashes but how do i do this i dont recall my lash trainer going over this.

She had her lashes done yesterday would she be ok to come two days after her lash lift for the relaxing?

Thank you


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Yes you can just "relax" the lashes. It might vary depending on the brand you are using but generally you would apply the first step then leave for a couple of minutes while brushing through and then remove and apply step 2 and brush through while it develops.
Maybe check with your supplier as the timings might vary x


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You can relax the lashes, it shouldn’t damage them in anyway

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Yep, relaxing only takes about 7mins to develop. I had trouble with lower lashes getting lifted up once when I first started and I rectified it by putting the shield upside down and doing the usual, just less time as it takes a lot quicker after it’s already done once.

Also I was told a lash conditioner reverses it


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Also I was told a lash conditioner reverses it
A conditioner should not be able to reverse it when the structure is set so you need to "reset" the structure with the lifting products.