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  1. R

    Lash extensions help

    Hi guys, I have just done a training day with LashBase and i planned on practicing on a dummy head for a while before I even do my case studies as I am not confident at all. So far I have not got ONE lash to stick to practice ones! The LashBase sensitive glue just doesn't set, it doesn't matter...
  2. M

    Opinions on my first set of lash extensions?

    Hello everyone, Just looking for some extra feedback on my first set of lash extensions..this is not a full set, just applied in roughly an hour and a half.. I am nervous to start practising on strangers so please give me any advice or feedback! Thank you x
  3. K

    Lash sizes to buy

    I’m starting out with lash extensions again after being nervous the first time. (Personally don’t think I was prepared enough with the correct equipment which stressed me out) Anyways, I will be using lashbase products and wondering what sizes would be best to buy to start out and can build from.?
  4. E

    Lash extensions primer

    Has or does anybody use the Lashbase Primer for eyelash extensions? Im worried about using it on my clients so close to there eyes as it has such a strong chemical smell! I know thats what its meant for just wondering if anybody has had problems with it irritating the eyes? Thanks x