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  1. E

    Eyelash extensions

    Hi, Ive been doing lash extensions now for 10months. I wear a mask but I have had worst headache for weeks and been going dizzy. Do any other lash techs suffer from this? Just trying to figure out if its from the glue fumes or could be something els. Thanks x
  2. X

    Lash cleaning and retention

    Hi everyone. I’m after some advice on lash cleansing routines when a client comes in. My training was years ago and I’d like to take a refresher course but want to get some practice in beforehand. I wasn’t even taught to clean the lashes. The course was awful. So I’ve taught myself about...
  3. lashesbyellie1

    Individual eyelashes - best equipment?

    Hello, I have been doing eyelashes for the last 6/7 months. I want to start using different Lashes and adapt on my skills. What’s the best brand of individual Lashes for classics, cashmere, minx? Also, what’s the best brand of glue to use?
  4. G

    Best lashes and glue

    What does everyone think the best lashes and glue are?