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  1. KiniaMinia

    Hello everyone! <3

    Hello all I am Kinga and i am a makeup artist but also i am learning fast about hair extensions at my new company. What can I say i found two passions I hope to find even more here ;) I can help you with any makeup problems, as also i look forward to learning something new, a speople always...
  2. S

    Water based foundations

    I'm looking to add a water based foundation to my kit, in addition to estee lauder double wear, preferably sheer or sheer to medium. It needs to be long lasting and with no or little spf as it will be being used on brides. I am liking the looks of makeup forever watertone foundation or the tarte...
  3. M

    Freelance makeup artist, I’ve lost the confidence to continue working

    Hi I don't mean for this to be a negative post I'm just looking for some support if that's okay. I'm a beginner freelance makeup artist and I've been learning new tips and tricks along the way but I'm having a hard time continue. I feel super anxious working with clients because I feel like I...
  4. S


    What foundations do you recommend for your kit? Especially the high end ones! TIA (new mua)
  5. N

    Walsall Salon rental opportunities

    Hi all, I’m currently in the process of taking over a salon in Walsall. The salon is a chair/room rental salon. The upstairs area has 3 stylist and 1 beautician. I will be changing the downstairs area from sunbed stations to nails/make up/ lashes/ wig maker stations. I have 5 stations...
  6. Nadine17x

    How can I become a makeup teacher?

    Hi just looking for advice .. i have been a makeup artist for nearly 5 years and worked in a salon for 4 years ! i really would love to to into teaching makeup in colleges etc just wondering if anyone knows how i would go about that ? thanks xx Some of my work below!
  7. nghtshd3

    Looking for mobile start up advice

    Hey, thanks for checking out my thread :) xo The process of being self employed is so tricky. Thankfully I had the opportunity of lots of help with my business plan and cash flow etc, so my business plan just got approved today which is epic! My business cards and flyers arrived the other day...
  8. B

    Room to rent wanted for microblading/makeup/lashes, St Helens

    Hi! I’m looking for a room to rent in St Helens or surrounding areas to do Microblading, Makeup and Semipermanent Eyelashes. Thank you
  9. Carly Nelson

    Beauty room available to rent in Penkhull, stoke on trent

    Beauty room available from 23rd July. The space • A bright, newly decorated beauty room & shower room. • Shared reception room & staffroom. • Storage area • Disabled access • Parking, as well as a bus stop outside the salon. • Easy road links to Newcastle (5 mins), Hanley (8 mins) and Stoke (5...
  10. IndiaRoisin

    Sanitising palettes help?

    I just finished doing a clients make up and got home to find I left my alcohol spray bottle at her house, I’m worried that if I don’t sanatise my palettes ASAP they will be germy and stuff and build bacteria?? I’ve ordered new alcohol and spray bottle off amazon but the earliest it can get here...
  11. K

    Building a makeup kit

    Hey :) I am just starting out as a self taught makeup artist and I am building my kit so would just like any tips really on building this. (sorry if theres so much information here, I just want as much opinions and things covered as possible). So far I have mac studio fix foundations...
  12. IndiaRoisin

    New make up artist, how much to charge?

    Hi all, I'm going to be doing a complete make up training course this week with The Beauty Academy and I was wondering if anyone knew what would be a good rate to charge clients after I've completed? I know some people do discounted rates so that they can build up a portfolio, is this a good...