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  1. I

    Pushing back sensitive cuticles

    Hey! I’m a newbie so be gentle haha! I’m currently a nail tech in training. I decided to give my mum a manicure for practice and she’s over 60. She has a thyroid condition so obviously takes medication for it. She NEVER uses cuticle oil or moisturises her hands, despite them being dry all the...
  2. Z

    Gel nails help

    Hi everyone I’m looking at starting to offer Gel as an add on for manicures and pedicures but struggling which brand to choose. Ideally I’d like to have a gel system that matches normal lacquer such as the Shellac/ Vinylux , The Gel Bottle/ Peacci, Gelish/ Morgan Taylor and Cuccio. But I’m...
  3. T

    Clothing store with nail salon & acrylic odours?

    Hey everyone. I am planning to open a clothing boutique sometime soon and I would have a beauty station in the same hall(the beauty station would be separated from the boutique with a glass divider) The beauty station would offer make up, lash extension and nail extension services but I am quite...
  4. Dani3300

    Needing help with gel application

    Hello all, This may very well be on a forum somewhere but whenever I search it’s telling me that the words were not included because of the length of them or because they’re too common. Anyway... long story short... I qualified as a nail tech a few years ago but didn’t really do anything with...