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  1. P


    Hi there, I’m Chloë from Manchester and I’ve recently returned to the beauty industry after a few years hiatus. I qualified as a beauty therapist almost 10 years ago now, however, upon my return, I’ve decided I want to focus more on facial treatments as these were always my favourite to to...
  2. J

    Numbing cream legalities

    Hi I’m going to be training in plasma fibroblast and microneedling and I’m just wondering what the legalities are for numbing creams? I’m seeing so many mixed things. I’ll be carrying out the treatment at my home clinic (no clue if that makes a difference or not). Am I allowed to apply numbing...
  3. Dani1987

    Advanced treatment-advice

    Hi, just looking for a little insight really... I’ve recently changed from doing mobile to home treatments so feel I am able to offer more advanced therapies. I was looking at the Emma Coates intensive training , then I realised I should probably check with my clients before getting excited...
  4. P

    Good training schools in South England

    Could someone please suggest a good training school in the South of England for Microneedling and Chemical Peel training?