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Jul 28, 2013
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Hi, just looking for a little insight really...

I’ve recently changed from doing mobile to home treatments so feel I am able to offer more advanced therapies.

I was looking at the Emma Coates intensive training , then I realised I should probably check with my clients before getting excited and booking training without making sure they actually want the therapies...

So I’ve put it to a vote...
I gave a few options,

Advanced skin therapies like microneedling, mesotherapy and skin peels
Body treatments for cellulite and toning
Or IPL for permanent hair removal and light therapy for skin conditions.
I then did research for skin base ipl and it sounded ideal!

I have previously done training in all the above with Destination Skin but they kept my certs and I would need a refresh...

Now here’s my conundrum, I would prefer to do ipl light therapy and hair removal along with microneedling and the feedback I’m getting is for advanced skin therapies not for a particular method, so I’m thinking of getting the ipl and doing the microneedling along side... I might ask every individual who’s commented what method of advanced therapies they would like...

So my questions are , got there eventually...

is ipl hair removal still popular?
What advanced therapies do you offer and find most popular?

I know it counts on what’s trendy now which seems to be dermaplaning but I’ve had it and didn’t really enjoy it and it’s not really something that’s taken off around here (Pembs, Weat Wales) and there isn’t many doing ipl around here...

Sorry my head is a bit fried with everything haha hope that makes some semblance of sense and thanks in advance for any help x

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