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    Mobile whilst pregnant?

    Hi, I’ve been hairdressing for a total of 16 years, the last 8 I’ve been running a successful mobile business, travelling fairly far and wide from my home town (all within 35 min drive). I’m now 34 and thinking about starting a family, it’s got me thinking about how I would manage whilst...
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    Advice needed, going mobile

    Hi geeks, apologies in advance for the long post! So I'm thinking about going mobile after the new year. I currently have a salon, only been open 6 months circumstances that came to open the salon meant it was very rushed an not planned out well at all but the opportunity came and I didn't want...
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    Help? Going mobile

    Hi I’ve been working in salons since qualifying in 2007 and I’m finally wanting to go self employed as a mobile stylist. Does anyone have any tips on transitioning from salon to mobile and anyrhing you found you had to do to start up? How do people with children find the hours, do you have set...