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  1. H

    Looking to rent a chair in Manchester

    Hello I am a new makeup artist and I am currently doing my training with PLouise. I am looking to rent a chair in a salon on a Saturday only in north Manchester however I do not yet have a client base so hoping by being in a salon this will build my clientele. Does anyone know of any chairs to...
  2. S


    What foundations do you recommend for your kit? Especially the high end ones! TIA (new mua)
  3. S

    Insurance company recommendations

    Hi all, can you recommend MUA insurance companies please? I've recently had a look at salon gold & simply business. I'd really appreciate your recommendations! Thank you
  4. IndiaRoisin

    Sanitising palettes help?

    I just finished doing a clients make up and got home to find I left my alcohol spray bottle at her house, I’m worried that if I don’t sanatise my palettes ASAP they will be germy and stuff and build bacteria?? I’ve ordered new alcohol and spray bottle off amazon but the earliest it can get here...
  5. K

    Building a makeup kit

    Hey :) I am just starting out as a self taught makeup artist and I am building my kit so would just like any tips really on building this. (sorry if theres so much information here, I just want as much opinions and things covered as possible). So far I have mac studio fix foundations...
  6. IndiaRoisin

    New make up artist, how much to charge?

    Hi all, I'm going to be doing a complete make up training course this week with The Beauty Academy and I was wondering if anyone knew what would be a good rate to charge clients after I've completed? I know some people do discounted rates so that they can build up a portfolio, is this a good...
  7. oopsadaisy123

    Santorini - makeup artist May 2019

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know any good make up artists in Santorini or anyone who will be working there as a MUA in ~May 2019 as I have a friend who is looking to get married there but worried about getting her make up done as when researching only found 2 MUAs working. Thanks for your help :)